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To download high resolution images, please visit: The demand for natural, healthy and sustainable foods and other products grows every year. The consumer’s preference for such category of foods has been proved once again during the simultaneous fairs, BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA, the International Trade Fair of Organic Products and Agroecology, and NATURALTECH, the Natural Products, Food, Supplements and Health Fair, whose 13th edition took place last Saturday, June 10, in the pavilion of Biennial Fair of Ibirapuera, in São Paulo. Altogether, the events had 25,664 visitors (35% more compared to the previous edition of 2016), among shopkeepers, corporate buyers, healthcare and nutrition professionals, athletes, educators, and the public in general, who came to the event in search of the latest news of an ever-growing sector. The attendees had the opportunity to know, taste, and buy the latest news directly from producers and manufacturers. As demand augments, the companies invest resources to provide more options for the market. BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA and NATURALTECH put together 404 exhibitors who displayed around 1,200 launches and highlights in certified organic products (foods, cosmetics, clothing, and accessories), as well as natural and healthcare products (functional and whole foods, probiotics, vegetarian and vegan products, food supplements, natural cosmetics, herbal products, and supplementary therapies). For Abdala Jamil Abdala, chairperson of the International Shoe and Accessories Fashion Fair – FRANCAL, which holds the event, the number of exhibitors, 35% higher compared to the last year, reflects the expansion of the segment. “We started those fairs 13 years ago, when the market was just beginning. During such period, we have followed and collaborated to its growth, professionalism, and diversification. There is no room for doubt that the future of such market will be glowing, and our fairs will keep representing it and spread the culture of organic and natural products for the retail market and the end consumer.”
To further increase the business, BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA and NATURALTECH have promoted a two-day Business Round-Up among 135 exhibiting companies and 15 buyers from five states and the Federal District, invited by the organization. The estimate of sales generated thanks to the 416 meetings was 23.4 million reais for the companies attending the event for the next 12 months, almost 10 times higher compared to the 2.47 million reais generated during the business round-ups of the last edition. The meetings, previously scheduled and held in an environment outside the stands, caused the exhibitors attending the event to be in direct and personal contact with big potential clients, such as Walmart Brasil, Grupo Pão de Açúcar, and Mundo Verde, among others.
Unprecedented research 
BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA and NATURALTECH opened a space for a wide technical programming with over 100 hours of forums, seminars, congresses, talks, workshops, and other activities collaborating to the training of the sector professionals and widened the visibility of the natural products among producers, processors, distributors, shopkeepers, public servants, educators, and end consumers. Among the several activities, the International Forum of Organic and Sustainable Production disclosed the first research held in Brazil concerning the profile of consumers of organic products, coordinated by the Brazilian Board of Organic and Sustainable Production (ORGANIS). Nine hundred and five individuals from nine capitals were interviewed: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Curitiba, Recife, Porto Alegre and Goiânia. According to ORGANIS, the research concluded, among other findings, that 15% of the urban population consume organic products, particularly the Southern region, where the consumption is double the national average. Greens, vegetables, and fruit are the most consumed foods, but other organic products may also be introduced to the consumer habits.
Check out the exhibitors’ testimonials: “That’s our second time attending the fair, and for me this year is nicer than 2016. The space is more well-organized and, as consumer, the change is positive. The second floor has received interesting brands and the flow is even better, since now people have to go around everything to go up or down the pavilion and so they are able to see virtually all stands. I had a positive relationship with new clients and could meet old clients in person that I only knew by e-mail.”
Gabriel Daniel, BR Spices Administrator “It was our first year in the fair and it surprised us. It was very nice and I felt the public committed, really concerned about food. We sold a lot and contact new clients. Several shopkeepers from Minas Gerais, Bahia and Pernambuco visited our stand.”
Karin Jampietro, Cogushi Director “We have attended for the first time Naturaltech and we really enjoyed it, we identified with the public, the fair and closed a lot of deals. It was very opportune for us to be among the largest companies of the market. Soon we will have representatives in the Southeastern region. Surely we will attend the next editions.”
Gabriel Terra, Qualicoco Director.  “The participation was really good, the public is select and interested in knowing where the products come from. They really appreciated what we presented, since we brought a huge variety, including cheese, butter, dulce de leche, fresh mushroom, curd cheese and butter, all from family agriculture. The fair grew up a lot, it had been crowded right from the last day, and closed several deals.” 
Conrado Miranda Ávila, DNA Caipira Director “It was the first time we attended Naturaltech. We were surprised by the interest of visitors in the company’s mission; they came to us to learn more about us, in addition to our products and the latest news, such the launch of pasta. We believe that the experience during the fair is valuable.”
Thione Diaz, Barilla Marketing Analyst “Dodani Orgânicos is only six months doing business in the market and, by attending the fair, we could disclose our brand of organic products exclusive to children and strengthen the relationship with new clients. The fair was positive for the brand and we had several buyers from the Northern and Northeastern regions.”
Jonas Trapp Heitling, Dodani Orgânicos Commercial Department “We attended for the first time the fair as exhibitors and it was interesting. Several national and international companies from different segments, such as animal food, corn and soy, contacted us. We made several contacts, and our participation was very positive.”
Francisco Rezzuto, R & R Organic Group Managing Director “Compared to the previous year, the proportion of the fair was bigger, with specialized and natural product producing companies. We had a big stand and made great sales, we sold everything we exhibit. It was a huge success! We did direct business and contact new clients. Next year we are going to require a larger stand.”
Barbara Henrille, Marambaia Marketing Coordinator “This is the fifth time we attend the fair and each time is more surprising and we are able to reach more people. We realized that the consumer is not only concerned about brand, but also about consuming with ethics what is good for their own health. We closed several deals and others are coming,” he celebrates.
Guilherme Lima, Bioart Biocosmetics Financial Manager “The fair added potential sales, the disclosure was good and acceptance on the part of the clients as for the organic product is total, a market trend. Over the last years, our company has taking advantage of the huge growth of organic products, which in 2002, with pioneering work, was not easy. We managed to reposition the brand during the fair. The idea is to make the client to navigate through the company’s history and live a little bit what organic agriculture means.”
José Alexandre Ribeiro Filho, Café IAO CEO “This is our first participation in the fair. Simple Organic was launched three months ago in the market and we were taken aback positively with the strength of the brand. During the four days, the stand was always crowded with visitors, we closed many deals and 70% of our stock here in Bio Brazil Fair were sold.”
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