BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMÉRICA LATINA AND NATURALTECH celebrate 18 years of success with the presence of 57 thousand visitors

18th edition of the largest business fairs for organic and natural products in Latin America had a large number of buyers

São Paulo, June 24th – Between June 12th and 15th, the Anhembi District in São Paulo hosted the 18th anniversary of the BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA and NATURALTECH 2024, which reinforced their positions as the largest organic and natural products events in Latin America. With an extremely positive balance, the fair brought together 57 thousand visitors over the four days, a 10% growth compared to the 2023 edition, providing a vibrant and conducive environment for business, networking, knowledge and experience.

Business movement continues to be one of the major highlights. With the presence of 760 exhibitors, companies from different segments took advantage of the opportunity to launch new products and strengthen commercial relationships. The 47 thousand square meters were always busy, with exhibitors reporting a high level of interest and the closing of significant partnerships.

The four-day event registered many visitors daily, made up of sector professionals, end consumers, investors and enthusiasts of organic and natural products. The diversity of the public reflected the growing interest and demand for healthy and sustainable products. Visitors had three main focuses during the fair: doing business, learning about trends and launches, and finding new suppliers, confirming the importance and relevance of Bio Brazil Fair and Naturaltech in the market.

During the event, participants were able to attend lectures, participate in tours with nutritionists and compete for prizes, further enriching the experience and providing valuable knowledge about trends and innovations in the sector.

Business rounds

The Business Roundtables, in the space dedicated to bringing together buyers and suppliers, promoted good opportunities and strategic partnerships:

In this edition, in the National Round, 490 meetings were held with the presence of 33 purchasing companies and 219 exhibitors. The expected business generation for the next 12 months is R$58,380,000.00.

The International Business Round, organized by São Paulo Negócios, counts or US$555,000.00 in business carried out and US$10,536,000.00 in business expectations for the next 12 months, resulting from the 441 meetings held between 74 Brazilian companies and 12 buyers international (Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador, United States, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and Uruguay).

The profile of buyers showed a general growth of 33%, with 15% of new CNPJ’s, being new buyers. The five sectors with the highest growth in visitation were Perfumery, Food Service, Supermarket, Pharmacy and Retailers. Furthermore, the states with the highest number of visitors during the four days of the fairs were: São Paulo, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Santa Catarina.

“At these landmark events, we celebrate not only the exponential growth of the natural and organic products sector, but also the connection and collaboration between companies and consumers committed to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.” commented Valeska Ciré, head of product at Francal.


The 18th edition of the BIO BRAZIL FAIR | BIOFACH AMÉRICA LATINA and NATURALTECH proudly announced the 2nd edition of the AWARD. This award highlighted excellent products in the food, beverage and supplement sectors, promoting continuous improvements in companies’ portfolios and encouraging the healthy product category, in line with the Clean Label trend. With 500 products registered, the awards celebrated the brands’ efforts to promote health, nutrition and sustainability.

“ Secale has existed for 18 years and, since the beginning, it has been an organic products company. We were born almost alongside organic legislation in Brazil. This year it was very important for us to receive this award, because Secale is a company from Rio Grande do Sul that was hit by the flood. The company is not producing at the moment, so all the things that come energize and add up”, says Rosangela Cabral, founder of Secale Orgânicos. 

“During the awards ceremony, Solarius relaunched the brand, since due to the Vale dam accident, we were well located specifically next to Córrego do Feijão, so, with great difficulty, we managed to rebuild ourselves and started over. And, the award was sensational for us, it gives us all a boost knowing that we came first in the food category”, said Gustavo Gouvea, general director of the company. 

“We have always been concerned about creating a correct, sustainable and healthy company, and winning this award was recognition that we have always sought, as it was a product that we worked hard to develop. Being able to participate in this fair was an incredible feeling and opportunity, and everyone was moved”, highlights Laíse Kuryura, CEO of Volcá Foods. 

“We are doing very innovative work, especially regarding the reuse of fruit waste, and that is what possibly caught the judges’ attention. We ranked first in the sustainability category, we are the pioneers and one of the few companies that use fruits entirely. So, having this recognition at the fair was very important, very exciting and motivates us to be here every year”, comments Bruna, nutritionist and member of the family that owns the company Organovitta.

“ AM ahta is less than 2 years old, we are newcomers to the market, this is our first venture and, in the field of food nutrition, we have been very well received by the entire Naturaltech community. We are grateful for this award, it is very important for us because it really highlights that yes, it is possible to make products from Amazonian ingredients, purchased from small and medium-sized communities, that deliver a strong impact”, says Max Petrucci, founder of Brasil Mahta. 

Brazil Mahta team

Celebrity appearances

Ivete Sangalo and Daniel Cady

The presence of celebrities at the Bio Brazil Fair and Naturaltech 2024 fairs was one of the highlights of the event, attracting even more attention from the public and the media. The participation of well-known figures expanded the reach and impact of the fair, promoting the importance of conscious consumption, healthier eating and sustainable practices. Among the famous people and celebrities present, the fairs were attended by Ana Hickmann, Bela Gil, Bell Marques, Daniel Cady, Edu Guedes, Isabela Fontana, Italo Marques, Ivete Sangalo, Mari Gonzales, Pedro Scooby, Pipo Marques , Henrique Fogaça and many others. Each of them made a unique contribution, reinforcing the commitment to healthier lifestyles and preserving the environment.

Content Schedules

During the four days of fairs, a series of lectures enriched participants’ knowledge in various areas. The content program was rich and diverse, covering lectures, workshops and panel discussions with topics ranging from sustainable agriculture to well-being and health. Remember some of them:

In the Nutritionists’ VIP Lounge there was the presence of many recognized professionals in the area, such as Murilo Pereira and Andreia Naves, where they brought insights about health and supplementation, and Dr. Carolina Pimentel highlighted the importance of consuming juices, highlighting the variety available and the relevance of conscious food choices.

Meanwhile, in the Beauty, Health and Wellbeing Space , companies such as Phytoterapica presented the benefits of natural products, and the pharmaceutical panorama, with the presence of Sergio Mena Barreto, CEO of Abrafarma, spoke about “The transformation of pharmacies as a gateway to entry into promoting the health and well-being of the population” . The executive highlighted that pharmacies “are modernizing and adapting to new trends, using social networks to connect with customers. 

The 18th International Forum on Organic and Sustainable Production promoted discussions on biodynamic agriculture and sustainability, and featured several professionals representing their areas of activity, who raised a series of reflections and inspirations on subjects that permeate the organic, healthy and sustainable universe.

At Arena Knowledge , businessman and influencer Murilo Gun spoke about the importance of expressing feelings, while a range of experts debated sustainable production and consumption strategies in the organic market.

Sustainable actions

Arena Knowledge Stage

In this edition of the fair, the floor was made from sustainable material in partnership with Capprimar Eventos, Therpol®, Cotton Move and UBQ. This innovative flooring reduced plastic waste by using Therpol and discarded fabric fibers, in addition to using denim waste as pigment, reducing the need for chemical dyes.

Bio Brazil Fair and Naturaltech have committed to recycling the packaging collected through environmental compensation measures. With the I Recycle 100% seal, for each package recycled at fairs, 1 equivalent package will be disposed of correctly. Trash bins made from reusable and biodegradable material were distributed throughout the events to facilitate the collection and proper separation of waste.

The event also encouraged exhibitors to adopt sustainable practices, as part of the “Viva Verde” seal campaign. The criteria included waste reduction, use of technologies that replace printed materials, and collection and recycling systems. Exhibitors who met these requirements gained visibility on the event’s official channels.

Viva green seal

Several of the actions were carried out with the engagement and common purpose of several partners and sponsors. The company Tetra Pak was the Environmental Management Sponsor of this edition and the companies Eu Reciclo, Carbono B and LC Ambiental were the Environmental Partners of this edition.

2024 Sponsors and Supporters:

Naturaltech, the largest natural products event in Latin America, was attended by important sponsors and partners, who boosted the fair, reflecting its importance and credibility for the sector. Among the main supporters was Gummy, a diamond sponsor. At the gold sponsorship level, we had 100% Você and Nutrata, companies known for their dedication to health and well-being through high-quality natural products. Vitafor, silver sponsor, was a reference in dietary supplements and functional nutrition products. Tetra Pak, through its environmental management sponsorship, contributed expertise in sustainable packaging and environmentally friendly practices. The Brazilian Vegetarian Society, as official support, reinforced the importance of vegetarian and vegan food at the event.

The Bio Brazil Fair, the largest organic products event in Latin America, held in conjunction with Naturaltech, had the gold support of Alva Personal Care and Nürnberg Messe as a collaborator. The Instituto Brasil Orgânico and Organis provided official support to Bio Brazil, promoting organic and sustainable agriculture in the country.

Both events received institutional support from São Paulo Negócios, Associação Brasileira de Embalagem, ANFARMAG, APAN and IBNF, which ensured a solid base of support and collaboration.

Content partners such as Bagnarelli, Conexsus, Functional Nutrition Center, Equilibrium, FutureBrand, Panorama Farmacêutico and Polo enriched the event with knowledge and innovation. Therpol, as an innovation partner, stood out for the event’s sustainable floor. Business school Mídias Empresas and data partner Speedio added value with analysis and insights, while environmental partners Eureciclo and LC Almeida promoted recycling and sustainability practices. The main affiliates were Sindiprom and Ubrafe.

Latam Airlines and Via HG Turismo were responsible for travel and accommodation, facilitating participants’ access to the Anhembi District, the event’s location.

With this set of partners and sponsors, the 18th edition was memorable, promoting sustainability, health and well-being in an environment of continuous innovation and collaboration.

Expectations for 2025

The Bio Brazil Fair and Naturaltech 2024 ended with a feeling of mission accomplished and high expectations for the next edition. The organizers have already confirmed that the 2025 event will be even better, with an expanded and complete content program, many launches for the organic and natural market. This year’s success reinforces the fair’s commitment to promoting sustainability, health and well-being, consolidating itself as an essential event on the sector’s calendar.

Exhibitors’ opinions

“Fairs are an excellent business platform for us, they have always generated many contacts. This year was no different – another successful year. We will certainly be here next year” – said Pedro Henrique Alcântara, Director of Finococo. 

“Surya Brasil, with 29 years of dedication to clean beauty, found Bio Brazil 2024 to be the ideal setting to share its mission and values, highlighting new developments in skincare, hair therapy and natural coloring, such as the innovative henna powder and the leading world henna cream. The positive experience reinforces our commitment to natural and organic cosmetics, inspiring us to continue educating consumers for beauty free from toxic substances” – Clélia Angelon, CEO, Surya Brasil 

“Witnessing the growth of the fair each year and having the privilege of participating makes us feel fulfilled. We entered with two spaces, one for a cosmetics factory (&CO) with a focus on outsourcing and another stand with our brands, Pink Cheeks and Kind Beauty . They were busy and enjoyable days. Next year we will be bigger, with a stand for each brand because we know and believe in the potential of the fair” – Corina Godoy, co-founder and partner of Pink Cheeks 

“Naturaltech, for Apis Flora, is not just any event. It is a milestone in the company’s year in which we have scheduled meetings with clients, consumers, suppliers and healthcare professionals. This year we presented our four disruptive launches, and we had the opportunity to share with the market the innovations we prepared for each of them. If there is a perfect place to present how we connect nature and science for the benefit of health, this place is at Naturaltech, an event that we have been constantly present at for years” – Adriel Santos, Marketing Manager at Apis Flora 

“It’s our third year here at Natural Tech, we’ve been growing every year and that’s due to the fair too. We started here with nine square meters, today we have a 36 square meter stand, so for those of us who are organic, this event takes us to another level. In fact, next year we will return with an even bigger space” – Vitor Pires, CEO of Kombucha Doutor K. 

“Sebrae Bahia is very happy with the event, our expectations were exceeded. We came with the intention of really showing the brand for the first time and we won several very interesting deals for us. I believe that Natural Tech managed to take the company to another level, and next year it is certain that we will return” – Rafael Gatto, Commercial Director at Sebrae Bahia. 

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Bio Brazil and Naturaltech are the largest fairs for organic, natural and healthy products in Latin America. Held annually, the fairs offer a comprehensive platform for companies and professionals in the sector, promoting innovation, sustainability and well-being. With a variety of exhibitions, lectures and activities, Bio Brazil and Naturaltech are unmissable events for anyone interested in health, nutrition and sustainability.

Sponsors 2024

Naturaltech: Diamond Sponsor: Gummy, Gold Sponsors: 100% Você and Nutrata, Silver Sponsor: Vitafor, Environmental Management Sponsor: Tetra Pak

Bio Brazil Fair: Gold Sponsor: Alva Personal Care,

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